Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Where I Shop Online.

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I love nothing more than making a little online purchase. There are discount codes for everything, its quick, everything is right there and there is no disappointment when you can't find what your looking for, and no-one gets in your way, but also as humans we also love a bargain and I am always on the hunt for high-end make-up on discounted websites and if you look in the right place you will find what you want. So I thought I would give you some good tips and sites on getting high-end make-up cheap. *wink*

A tip of mine is keep an eye out of any discount code and sign up to any website so you know straight away via e-mail what discounts are going and when they start, as some websites give you a heads up as to when their sales will start so you are ready and money waiting to be spent. Another thing, which may sound strange, is I like to set up a basket/cart online and add things to it that I want to buy and then save it, and wait for a discount comes along all you need to do is add the code and your done. This way you know you are going to get what you want before/incase it sells out (due to discount/sale) and also you wouldn't feel the need to buy a bunch of stuff you don't need or won't use.
A good website I use is My Voucher Codes I signed up and receive e-mails telling me of all kinds of different offers going and also if its a department store like Debenhams it tells you which department. 

I spend literally hours searching the net for new websites that offer high-end make-up for cheaper prices or even discontinued make-up, which some websites do offer but they can be quite expensive. Some of the sites I like to cruise through;

Feel Unique -quite popular and some products aren't a lot of discount but hey a discount is a discount.
CheapSmells is better at the fragrance side of the net but they do have some good products on there, it's one of those you have to be looking at the right time, kind of sites but still worth checking out.
Cocktail Cosmetics this site sells, Real techniques, Lime Crime, OCC, Sigma Brushes...and a good variety of products/brands..some cosmetics are discounted some are not but they always have products in the SALE section (currently Real Techniques sets are on sale £18.95) 
Fragrance Direct this site is very good and you may have seen a big 'hoo harr' about the amazing £1.99 cosmetics they are selling and they do a major variety of men and women fragrances for a good price.
Love Cosmetics this site sells brands like Benefit, Chanel, Jemma Kidd and others all at discount prices. There are only a selection of products per brand it isn't all of their products at discount prices. 
All Cosmetics Wholesale is an American website which sells discontinued products from brands like Mac and also some discounted products like Make-up Forever, Dermablend, OCC, Becca and others. Again there is only a selection of products per brand. The site ships worldwide so us in UK can also make orders.
You can also buy cosmetics from eBay and Amazon but you must be careful what your buying and also read reviews for the person you are buying from. 

So there are a few sites that I use the most for buying high-end make-up quite cheap. But you know I'm not saying spend all your free time on the internet searching for discount codes and cosmetics, but a quick tap of letter in google like 'discounted high-end make-up' all different options are there. Specify what you are looking for, and like CheapSmells & FeelUnique they can sell the same product at different prices so compare and go for the cheaper option. 
Keep and eye out for things in Magazines, some mags like Company have discount vouchers at the back so on an advert keep those eye peeled people. Oh and look at the bottom for when they run out so you know you won't miss out.

GO! GO! GO! Girls.
I hope this was helpful.


  1. Love this post! These are the sites I go on all the time too! Not been on cocktail cosmetics though...definately giving that a visit now! thanks! hehe



    1. i am still trying to find more hehe :) ahh i hope you find something you like :D