Thursday, 9 May 2013

Review | Dainty Doll Blushes

002 Orange County Girl (Cream)

002 My Girl

004 You are my Sunshine

001 Hippy Shake

Last month I did a fragrance direct haul here and got some fantastic new blushers which I will be sharing with you today. Firstly all these blushes only cost £1.99 so it was (and still is) the perfect opportunity to grab some. 
I will start by saying I have found them to be a little powdery (apart from the cream, obviously) and I mean that after swirling my brush in it there can be some excess product left in the pan, really this doesn't matter too much as there is 7g of product in each of the powder blushes, and for £1.99 who can complain. Saying that, the actual powder blushes are very soft and buttery to touch and easy to work with. 

Orange County Girl is a cream blush (5g of product) with good pigmentation you only need a little bit to give a nice fresh look. Although it looks quite shimmery, on the skin it leave a nice subtle dewiness so you don't really need for a highlighter, unless you want to. The blush is very soft and creamy and quick to blend in with the skin/foundation and I use this one probably the most.

My Girl is a pretty dolly pink which I thought I would get less use of but as you can see it is well used, unlike the others. Like the cream blush, the powder has a high quality pigmentation so I only use a small amount to give a nice healthy effect on my skin. Too much of this product and I look like I've been slapped across the face. Not a good look. I think this blush could probably look nice on every skin tone and is really nice for a summer pink cheek. 

You are my Sunshine I find this to be a powder version of Orange County Girl. I actually use this one the least as I find it far to glittery, having said that, I do think it is a beautiful colour and will probably use it on other people. You definitely wouldn't need to use a highlight when using this blush.

Hippy Shake is a strange blush. There isn't much pigment in this I really had to swirl in the powder to get a swatch. As it is matte it can't be used as a highlighter, and nothing really shows on my cheeks when I apply this. I keep trying to use it but I don't know what to do with it(?) If you have any tips please let me know.  

I use the Real Techniques (review here) blush brush to apply all the powder blushes and I use my finger to work the cream blush into my skin.

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  1. These blushses look gorgeous, I would love to try some!

    Kimberley x