Friday, 10 May 2013

Review | Illamasqua Medium Pencil 'Bait'

I did a review of the Illamasqua lipstick in 'Immodest' not long ago (here) and at the same time I brought that I also got myself a medium lip pencil in 'Bait' to go with it. 

Like the lipstick this pencil is a bright doll pink. I would say the pencil is more fushia shade of pink, but it blends in so well with Immodest, as you can see in the picture. Bait pencil is really soft and creamy texture when applying to the mouth, which makes it really easy to work with. It doesn't move around or bleed from the lips once it is applied and I didn't find much of a need to touch up after eating food. 
The Illamasqua pencils are not in a particular category like most brand like lip and eye pencils, Illamasqua say that their pencils can used on lips,eyes,face and body for long lasting colour. So an all round multi-tasking pencil. Of course this pink pencil isn't sometime I can see my self drawing across my eyes or face any time soon but of course it will come in handy for make-up artists. It is nice to see that the multi-use pencil that is creamy and soft, that can be used on eyes also, as most eye pencils are quite hard and can pull and tug the skin but this one just glides over the lips, just like it would on the other areas it can be used on 

The pencils are a medium size, and a good size too. They fit nicely in my make-up bag so it is really easy to carry around if I'm going away, also it sits nicely in my little pot of liner type make-up. These medium pencils cost £13 each, which isn't too steep considering they can be used in a variety of places and considering the colours you pick depends on how long they will last, I guess. 'Bait' pencil has such a good colour payoff and is very pigmented (like the lipstick) and also like the lipstick it is almost like a stain and can be quite tricky to come off, saying that it does last a very long time in the day/night.

Have you tried any of the of the Illamasqua pencils?


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