Friday, 3 May 2013

Rewview | Illamasqua Lipstick 'Immodest'

I have been wanting to treat myself to an Illamasqua product for a while now as I have heard wonderful things about the Brand and I can not (for the life of me) remember who I saw wearing this, but it looked so beautiful on them I just...wanted it. As you do. 

I was browsing the net on the Illamasqua site and looking at the gorgeous shades of lipsticks they had and saw that Immodest was sold out! NOOO! I would be lying if I said I didn't pull a sad face. Then I remembered that Selfridges sold Illamasqua so quickly typed it in and woo they had it in stock. Wonderful. I didn't hesitate to buy it and even got myself a little something else and got it for next day delivery. 
This is a little like the Mac Vivaglam Nicky lipstick however, not so coral and is a matte finish. Unlike most matte finish lipsticks this one is sooo creamy and not at all drying. I don't usually do pinks but I'm becoming a little more daring with my lipstick shades these days, and this shade isn't too bright and isn't too dark, and not overly coral either. It is just sat there pretty much in the middle of those three shades..kind of. So if you aren't too into the pinks perhaps something along this shade would be a good guide for you.
I really like the sleek, square bulk packing of this product as it sits nicely in holders and sits upright and doesn't keep falling over. Also I think it just looks nice sitting with all my lipsticks. Its really soft when you apply it to the lips and doesn't drag and pull the lips, like some matte textures tend too, it just glides on pretty smooth and you can't feel it on the lips at all either. I think I am going to be pretty quick at buying myself a second, third maybe even a fourth if I'm feeling cheeky, Illamasqua product. If any of their other make-up is as pigmented as this then we are all in for a treat. I will mention though that when it came to removing this lipstick, it did leave a stain on my lips, so I had to remove the excess in the morning as I didn't want to make my lips go sore from rubbing them so much. 
Their products aren't stupidly priced, this lipstick was £16. Yes it £2 more than a mac lipstick and there are lots of dupes but, out of all the other high end brands like YSL who probably make a similar colour, £16 compared to £24 is a difference. Also Debenhams and ASOS sell Illamasqua and sometimes have beauty sales which include the brands make-up so do keep an eye out for those things. 

Have you tried any make-up by Illamasqua?

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