Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Nails

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday as the sun was shining for us here in the UK. Such beautiful weather wasn't it petals :) Anyway, the sun gave me the feeling to brighten up my nails with some summer brights and also with the 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug on ALL cosmetics it was a good opportunity to pick up a couple of new colours. I was feeling inspired to do a little post on some polishes I think are quite summery and wearable this season.

Yes most of these are BarryM but I think they have such a good variety of colours and different effect/finishes and it is an easy nail brand to find the perfect shade for you. 
Blueberry may not be for everyone but it is a pretty crayon blue and it is just a nice pop of colour on the nails I feel, with the summery blue sky why not have summery blue nails?
Lychee is from the Gelly Hi-Shine range from BarryM and very popular. With the nude nail trend setting sale early on this year Lychee was and still is the perfect grey,nude colour and very flattering. 
Key Lime (Gelly Hi-Shine) is a new one for me and normally I wouldn't go for such a colour but it is very eye catching and really easy to wear. I did have mixed reactions on the colour but its nice and different. It is between a lime green and a grass green I would say. I don't know, I do (in a way) find it quite pretty against my complexion. 
Greenberry (Gelly-Shine) is a pretty turquoise colour and very nice bright and really nice for the sunny days. Again it is just a lovely pop of colour and adds to an outfits. I love this shade it is so beautiful to look at.
Pomegranate (Gelly Hi-Shine) this varnish would be good for a summer night it is a deep pink but still quite bright and flattering (for me) for my skin tone. it may sound silly (or it may just be the name) but there is something quite fruity about all these colours(?)
Peaches & Cream (Topshop) is a bright peach colour doesn't sit well with my skin tone but for any one else it is such a lovely spring/summer nail varnish. It is very light and friendly to the eye.

I think although we have not had much sun in the UK we should still inflict a bit of colour in to our day and the nails are the perfect way to do so, I think. 

Whats your summer nail colour? 


  1. I love the peaches and cream! That is such a pretty shade of orange.
    I've been using Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine a lot lately, especially the lilac, greenberry and bluey colours, but I am lovin' that orange one by topshop!

    Love Daniela (New Follower) oxo


    1. Yeah it is pretty I have picked up more of the barry m ones, greenberry is beautiful! thankyou so much for following..xx

  2. Greenberry and Peaches and Cream have to be my favourites :)