Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Sleek Lipsticks

You may have seen I did a review not so long ago on one of the Sleek Lipstick Palettes (here) and I thought to myself 'I own quite a few products from the brand so why not go threw and do some reviews on what I own. I really love Sleek as for a high street brand they are good value for money and really highly pigmented which not all high street brands can say they are, as pigmented as this brand. So today I am going to share with you what lipsticks I own. 

 Papaya Punch-is the first Sleek product I ever laid hands on, it is a very orange toned coral. It is a matte finish, I do find it to tug on the lips so I would recommend using a lip brush for smoother application, also I can find this lipstick to be rather drying after a while so be sure to use a hydrating lip balm before you apply and throughout the day you may feel the need to just dab a little over the top. All of that being said, as I mentioned before the Punch colour is truly pigmented and they also last a very long time.
Barley There- This is a very peachey nude and is very creamy and quite hydrating on the lips. It is a sheen finish so it leaves the lips looking quite glossy and pretty. Barley there is very good for everyday wear if you just want something quick and each although, I don't get too much use out of it as the orange tone to is doesn't sit well with my skin tone ( as I have mentioned before ) 
Cherry- is rather similar to Mac's Rebel, but a little more of a rose tint to it(?) On the lips it looks a little more of a deep vampire red, super pretty. I think this is such a beautiful evening shade to add to an outfit  a little like the cherry on the cake if you will (no pun indented) This lipstick is also a sheen finish like 'Barley There' so it leaves a slight gloss to the lips.
Plush- This is the newest lippie to the bunch and quite similar (from what I've seen) to Soap&Glory's 'Pom Pom' both of these being matte finishes. Unlike Papaya Punch I don't find 'plush' as dragging on the lips. Plush is a very nice raspberry pink shade as is very versatile so good for day and evening.

I like to use all of these lipsticks with a lip brush as they apply better and you can use it to line the lips easier. Sleek is available in Superdrug and only cost £4.99 each. I think for £5 the quality and pigmentation is just amazing and I don't think many brands along  the high street can compete with amazing pigmentation and very long lasting, normally I find most brands to be one or the other. 

Whats your favourite Sleek lipstick? Have you tried them before?


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