Wednesday, 21 August 2013

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer

Hey everyone, recently I have been trying out the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer (£9.99 20ml) which you can pick up from Boots and/or Superdrug in the UK. This is an illuminating primer which comes out white and quite a light purpley, pink pearl to it quite like the Mac Strobe Cream (post here). Once on the skin it leaves a healthy dewyness to the skin it's not too glittery or too shimmery so you could still use a highlighter over the top, also it doesn't leave the skin looking oily either. The primer is a very light weight liquid but not runny, and applies easily on the skin with out a sticky texture. I really like this primer because it just smooths out the skin and my make-up applies smoothly onto the skin and it stays put for a very long time, so I can wear it to work during the night and my make-up doesn't move. As I mentioned before the liquid is white but you don't get white cast over the face it just blends into the skin leaving only a lovely highlight. 
The pakcaging of the product is quite simple and fits well into any make-up bag, and the pump dispenses just enough product for my entire face, which I like because I always waste product pumping out too much. I apply this product all over the face apart from eye lids, of course.

I really recommend buying this product if you can't afford things like the Mac strobe cream this is a good alternative, and also really good for dull/dry skin as it brightens the face.


Friday, 16 August 2013

Guerlain Meteorites Voyge

Today I would like to talk to you about probably the most beautiful piece of mak-up that I own and it is the Guerlain Meteorites Voyage, before I start you are probably wondering why it is in pan form, so I will kick start this post with price I paid for this. Now, on FeelUnique this product (in the case) costs a wopping £104.50 I don;t know about you but no matter how good of a product I would never pay that much for it, mainly because I cant afford it and you only get 8g of product, so when I saw that Shannon (Shaaanxo) got the pan form of this real cheap off Strawberrynet...but when I had a look it was like £35-£45 I wasn't completely sold, so I carried on searching until I came across Escentual and saw they were selling this beauty for £28.80...I baught it without second thought.

On to the product itself. not only do the different colours make this product beautiful to look at but they also have their own little jobs on the face. There are 6 different colours
Mauve- to catch the light and brighten the complextion,
Green- to reduce any redness
Pink - to refresh the look of tired skin
White - to give light to the complextion with out a chalky effect
Champagne -which is quite pearly to give the skin a radiant look
and a Pinky gold - to unify olive complextion and warm up a fairer skintone

You can't see to well in the photograph but when mixed together it creates a light doll pink with very little shimmer. I mainly use this under my eyes as it completely holds my make-up in place all day and I also apply a little on top of the cheeck bones for a light highlight. The finish is basically matte but it still catches the light (from certain shades of the powder) although it comes out a light pink it is translucent on the skin. The product is very smooth to touch and there is no excess powder when I swirl my brush in it. 
Overall I just love this this products, its pretty, it does the job, it is matte yet catches the light and it has colour correcting pigments, if your worried about where to keep it as it is in pan form if you buy it, then I just recommend picking up a small Z palette. I really recommend this lovely powder from Guerlain especially if you can get it for the price I did. Also go and check out Shannon's channel she is so gorgeous and tallented.

I have been on a total bargain hunt recently, have you picked up anything for cheap that shoud have been expensive?


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bourjois Bronzing Primer

So about just over a month ago Bourjois released their new Bronzing Primer which you can pick up in Boots or Superdrug for £9.99. Like it says this products is a bronzing primer so you are supposed to use it under your foundation for a natural sunkissed glow, I however, don't use it this way. I like to use this over the top of my foundation with a Real Techniues Expert Face Brush, lightly brushing it over the top of the cheek bones, forehead, chin and a touch on the nose, these are the places that the sun would naturally hit the face and leave you bronzed. I do this during the day and during the night I atually just use it for a light contour under the cheekbones, on the temples and slightly along the jaw line to slim the face and it is a good light base for a powder contour over the top or you can build up the bronzing pimer for a more dramatic contour shade.
This product has has so much comparison the the Chanel bronzer as they are along the same line but the price is a huge difference. The primer has a moose texture and is very smooth and light, it looks very dark and orangey in the tub but once you start to apply to the skin it is just like a moose tint, I would say. Because of the moosey texture the product is really easy to blend in with the make-up and doesnt cake up when you build upon it.

Overall this product is really worth buying especially during summer time, if you don't want to have lots of differfent foundations for your tan this product will just add warmth to your foundation, also it is a good way to get into contouring if you are a beginner as powders can be quite harsh and this product alows you to have a light hand and natural looking sunkist face.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Seduce

Recently I did a post on the Illamasqua cream pigment here and at the same time I purchased that I purchased their cream blush in 'Seduce'. I love love love this colour it is a gorgeous rose colour and feels slightly watery to the touch. It is easy to use and easy to blend, I like to use with fingers and really work it into the apples of the cheeks.
Like the cream pigment this blush is highley pigmented and a little goes a long way. I feel like this blushing rosey colour works really well with my skintone. Like I said before, the blush feels like water to the touch it is very silky and light, and what I mean by the watery feeling is that the blusher is quite wet not runny but its not tough either so you only need a light touch to pick up any product. The product isn't matte finish but it isn't too shiny on the skin so oily skin's I think you could get away with this and if not just add a little powder over top. Like I mentioned in my other post I really like the packging of this product, it's not too bulky but it is a relitivly good size to put in the make-up bag for on the go.

I just think this colour is so beautiful and it just leaves a gorgeous rosey blush to the cheeks. Do you have a favourite Illamasqua Blush?


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Topshop Bargain Buy

Now if you don't get thrills when you see a bargain well you must not be human. I was browsing through the net a couple days ago spending money like I think I'm rich, and I came across this funky, multi-coloured crop jumper in the Topshop sale. I honestly couldn't resist it is from the Ragged Priest section of shopshop and origionally retailed for £55 and it was on sale for £20...I have no words.

I was full of excitment when the pretty polkadot topshop package was handed to me by the delivery lady. The shoulders are quite weighted by the coloured studs, and the material is very thin so a top is probably best underneith. I really liked the all white style with statment studded shoulders, most studded clothing I have been seeing is just ordinary gold or silver spikes so having blue and pink is different and funky, plus I saved £35...I love it. There was no size option on the website so I can'tcomment on how well it fits for my size but it is very compfy.

I love a happy buy, leave a comment bellow telling me one of your favourite bargain buys.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bahama Mama by theBalm

I did a small haul a while back from Feel Unique which is where I shared that I bought the Bahama Mama bronzing powder from theBalm (£12.50). I have never tried anything from this brand before and it is quite new to the Feel Unique website. I have heard quite a few good things about the brand so I was eager to get my mitts on some of their stuff.

I have really been loving this bronzing powder for contouring as the shade is a very deep brown and for me it just doesnt work as a bronzer. It it quite a deep muddy brown colour whith no orange-y tones through it, so if you compaired it against something like the Bourjois' famous chocolate bronzer, you will notice that the Bourjois bronzer has more of an oranger tone than the brown bahama mama.
For the more fair skintones you can easily get away with this bronzer for contouring if you use a fairly light hand and make sure to blend really well.
I am completely sold on the cute, novelty packaging with the almost pin-up styled hooler lady on the front, which the gorgeous sunset beach in the background. It just adds abit of character to and abit of fun to your make-up collection. I also love the fact that it has a mirror on the inside so it is very handy for taking in your make-up bag, also it shuts with a magnet to hold it closed so it will prevent any brown powder making a mess all over the place. I did find that when I do put my brush into the product there was a little excress powder so actually making a mess of the packaging is easily done.

I will be buying more products to try from theBalm as I think they are overall quite afordable and I really enjoy this product I am just intreged to see what the rest of their products are like.

What are your favouriteproducts from theBalm?


Sunday, 4 August 2013

Illamasqua Cream Pigment 'Androgen'

As you may know Illamasqua have recerntly had a huge sale on their website with loads of great products up to 70% off. So I took the chance to buy only two things, and one of them is one of their Cream Pigments in 'Androgen' which I picked up for £7.50.

The Illamasqua cream pigments are multi tasking products that can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks and body. Androgen is a beautiful salmon pink and looks stunning as a blush and/or lip colour. It is quite close to a 'my lips but better' shade very neutral and flattering with my olive skin tone, also as a blush is just compliments the olive tone so well.
This cream pigment is extrememly pigmented and creamy. A little bit does really go along way as it is easy to blend and you only need a little amount to get a strong colour, so the 8g of product is really going to last you a good amount of time.
I really love the Illamasqua packaging its very cute, simple and quite sleek although the lid on this pot is a tad loose but nothing to bad that it won't close or anything like that.

So that was just a quick review, I really recommend picking up some of the Illamasqua cream pigments, they do come with a price tag but they will last you and you can you them anywhere you want to and how ever you want to. 

If you have already tried some of their cream pigments what are your thoughts? Or what is your favourite Illamasqua product?


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Decleor Hydrating Starter Kit

No so long ago I did a small haul, which included this Decleor Hydrating starter kit. This is now my go to skin care routine. Starting with the only thing I dislike about these products, they are all extremely scented like roses/flowers and it really gets down my nose. However, I have gotten more used to the smell so it isn't too bad, now onto the good stuff. This little kit from Feel Unique, cost £20 which is so worth paying for. I have noticed huge improvements with my skin since using the products in this kit.

I will start with the Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Milk. This is really soothing on the skin and removes make-up very well. I do cleanse with a balm in the evening before this cleanser but it does still remove the rest of my make-up, and any dirt left over, really nicely. It does leave my skin quite supple after use which I really like as most cleansers just leave my skin dry and tight.

The Aroma Cleanse Tonifying Lotion is really nice. Of all the products you get this one smells the nicest. Again it just leaves my skin feeling smooth and lifts any remaining dirt from the skin. Also I do find it leaves my skin with a lovely glow, and not because my face is a little wet after use, but when it dry's (quickly) I do find myself with a lovely glow.

Now the best bit, Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum. I have never used a serum in my skincare before, and this just gave me amazing results. I apply this after my toner and i lay my finger over the bottle turn upside down and then back the right way. I do that on each fingers and rub them together and then apply all over the face really rubbing it deep into the skin. The oil is super hydrating and everything else applies so much better after I use this. It makes my skin feel amazingly soft and hydrated.

Creme legere 24hr Moisture Activator Light Cream I use this after I have applied the neroli serum and other products and before my normal moisturiser. After Ido use this I don't feel my skin realy needs any more moisture but I do still put a little on. This product is just the finishing touch to my skincare and leaves the perfected hydrated feeling to my skin, and my skin just looks better too.

The night balm I haven;t had the chance to use as it is real difficult to get out of the tube so I am not going to talk about that.

Over all this little kit has make a huge difference in my skin and leaves it hydrated all day long and makes eveyrthing apply and look better on the skin. I honestly will push any one with dry skin to try this kit, and ignore the smell as much as possible because the products just work.

What's your favourite skin care  at the momet?   xx