Thursday, 8 August 2013

Topshop Bargain Buy

Now if you don't get thrills when you see a bargain well you must not be human. I was browsing through the net a couple days ago spending money like I think I'm rich, and I came across this funky, multi-coloured crop jumper in the Topshop sale. I honestly couldn't resist it is from the Ragged Priest section of shopshop and origionally retailed for £55 and it was on sale for £20...I have no words.

I was full of excitment when the pretty polkadot topshop package was handed to me by the delivery lady. The shoulders are quite weighted by the coloured studs, and the material is very thin so a top is probably best underneith. I really liked the all white style with statment studded shoulders, most studded clothing I have been seeing is just ordinary gold or silver spikes so having blue and pink is different and funky, plus I saved £35...I love it. There was no size option on the website so I can'tcomment on how well it fits for my size but it is very compfy.

I love a happy buy, leave a comment bellow telling me one of your favourite bargain buys.


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