Thursday, 1 August 2013

Decleor Hydrating Starter Kit

No so long ago I did a small haul, which included this Decleor Hydrating starter kit. This is now my go to skin care routine. Starting with the only thing I dislike about these products, they are all extremely scented like roses/flowers and it really gets down my nose. However, I have gotten more used to the smell so it isn't too bad, now onto the good stuff. This little kit from Feel Unique, cost £20 which is so worth paying for. I have noticed huge improvements with my skin since using the products in this kit.

I will start with the Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Milk. This is really soothing on the skin and removes make-up very well. I do cleanse with a balm in the evening before this cleanser but it does still remove the rest of my make-up, and any dirt left over, really nicely. It does leave my skin quite supple after use which I really like as most cleansers just leave my skin dry and tight.

The Aroma Cleanse Tonifying Lotion is really nice. Of all the products you get this one smells the nicest. Again it just leaves my skin feeling smooth and lifts any remaining dirt from the skin. Also I do find it leaves my skin with a lovely glow, and not because my face is a little wet after use, but when it dry's (quickly) I do find myself with a lovely glow.

Now the best bit, Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum. I have never used a serum in my skincare before, and this just gave me amazing results. I apply this after my toner and i lay my finger over the bottle turn upside down and then back the right way. I do that on each fingers and rub them together and then apply all over the face really rubbing it deep into the skin. The oil is super hydrating and everything else applies so much better after I use this. It makes my skin feel amazingly soft and hydrated.

Creme legere 24hr Moisture Activator Light Cream I use this after I have applied the neroli serum and other products and before my normal moisturiser. After Ido use this I don't feel my skin realy needs any more moisture but I do still put a little on. This product is just the finishing touch to my skincare and leaves the perfected hydrated feeling to my skin, and my skin just looks better too.

The night balm I haven;t had the chance to use as it is real difficult to get out of the tube so I am not going to talk about that.

Over all this little kit has make a huge difference in my skin and leaves it hydrated all day long and makes eveyrthing apply and look better on the skin. I honestly will push any one with dry skin to try this kit, and ignore the smell as much as possible because the products just work.

What's your favourite skin care  at the momet?   xx

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