Friday, 16 August 2013

Guerlain Meteorites Voyge

Today I would like to talk to you about probably the most beautiful piece of mak-up that I own and it is the Guerlain Meteorites Voyage, before I start you are probably wondering why it is in pan form, so I will kick start this post with price I paid for this. Now, on FeelUnique this product (in the case) costs a wopping £104.50 I don;t know about you but no matter how good of a product I would never pay that much for it, mainly because I cant afford it and you only get 8g of product, so when I saw that Shannon (Shaaanxo) got the pan form of this real cheap off Strawberrynet...but when I had a look it was like £35-£45 I wasn't completely sold, so I carried on searching until I came across Escentual and saw they were selling this beauty for £28.80...I baught it without second thought.

On to the product itself. not only do the different colours make this product beautiful to look at but they also have their own little jobs on the face. There are 6 different colours
Mauve- to catch the light and brighten the complextion,
Green- to reduce any redness
Pink - to refresh the look of tired skin
White - to give light to the complextion with out a chalky effect
Champagne -which is quite pearly to give the skin a radiant look
and a Pinky gold - to unify olive complextion and warm up a fairer skintone

You can't see to well in the photograph but when mixed together it creates a light doll pink with very little shimmer. I mainly use this under my eyes as it completely holds my make-up in place all day and I also apply a little on top of the cheeck bones for a light highlight. The finish is basically matte but it still catches the light (from certain shades of the powder) although it comes out a light pink it is translucent on the skin. The product is very smooth to touch and there is no excess powder when I swirl my brush in it. 
Overall I just love this this products, its pretty, it does the job, it is matte yet catches the light and it has colour correcting pigments, if your worried about where to keep it as it is in pan form if you buy it, then I just recommend picking up a small Z palette. I really recommend this lovely powder from Guerlain especially if you can get it for the price I did. Also go and check out Shannon's channel she is so gorgeous and tallented.

I have been on a total bargain hunt recently, have you picked up anything for cheap that shoud have been expensive?


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