Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation

This is a new foundation to me, well I have had it for about a month and a half and it's the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation £10.99 from Superdrug. It is a full coverage foundation with a 16hr wear tag on it and on the bottle it also says 'Youth Extension Foundation'. I love with foundation so much. It is mostly dewy but it is also a little matte too, which I like as it's not to much or either and it does give the skin a more awake and youthful appearance. I find.
As you can see in the picture I applied just one layer on one half of my face and you can really see the difference. It covers all my imperfections and I find I use a lot less under eye concealer with this foundation which it also a bonus and also it's not overly matte, so for something with dry skin, like me, this foundation it just beautiful for you, also this foundation has an SPF15 so you're also protected. I have the shade 52 in this foundation and it matches me perfectly. 
I think the packaging of the bottle is so cute a bit bulky but it's still sweet. In the lid there is a little sponge which I didn't like I prefer to buff it in with a brush, I found the sponge just soaked most of the foundation up, also I wasn't 100% satisfied with the finish of the make-up. 
I am really rubbish with describing scents, but what I can tell you is this foundation is scented and it is really girly and pretty, and the smell does just go away once you have the product on your skin, of course if you don't like scented make-up this may not be for you. 

Overall I think this foundation is really worth buying or trying. It has amazing coverage and a lovely youthful finish on the skin, also it does make your skin quite awake, so if you had a late night and not looking your best, this will just brighten the face. 


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Little Life Update

If you follow me on Twitter you will have been that I tweeted about how I have been with out any laptop or computer for the last month hence the no posting, but I really am back with time. So things at home haven't been great and I have now moved in with my lovely Nan for a while until I can afford to get my own place. I am not going to go into detail about anything as it is personal, but what I will say is things haven't been great for me. 

Anyway, also during the last month if you follow me on instergram you will know I now have bright purple hair and if you would like to see a post about that then just let me know and I will be very happy to go a whole post about the process and aftercare. I have also been doing a bit of shopping so I have got loads to talk about and I have written up some posts so that I can still upload if I am ever with out laptop again, which at the moment I am not *smiles* yayy! 

Okay, so that is just a quick update from me and a picture of my lovely new hair and guys I am super sorry for not posting I have been so eager to post and let you know whats going on, again no details as its private but I have a lot to talk about on my blog. I hope you're not too mad with me.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Feel Unique Haul

I know that I only done a haul post the other day but I bought 2 things from FeelUnique that i just quickly wanted to share with you so I'll get straight in as it will only be quick.

For ages now I have been wanting to get my mitts on some bits from theBalm and only recently saw that Feel Unique is now stocking the brand so I only picked up one thing, until next time *wink*, and I got the Bahama Mama Bronzing powder £12.50. It is a little darker than I expected but it blends out into a nice colour, also there is no orange tinge to the product (as you can see). The compact is about the same size as my palm so it's really small and cute with its pretty hoola girl packaging and you get 7.08g. So yeah I will definitely going to order some more bits. Leave a comment if you would like to see a haul on all the products I choose from theBalm.

I have been non stop watching the QVC Beauty channel its becoming addictive, and one of the brands that has been on the programme A LOT is Decleor and I have been wanting to try their products because the presenters on +QVC really do convince me. So I saw this little collection pack which is the Hydra Floral Try Me Kit £20. What you get in this pack is;
Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk 50ml
Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion 50ml
Aromessence Neroli Comforting Serum 5ml
Hydra Floral Multi Protection Light Cream 15ml
Aromessence Neroli Essential Night Balm 5ml
All of the products smell rosy and floral, and it is quite a rich scent. I am really excited to try this just to sort my skin out, I mean they are only samples and I thought the price was pretty reasonable with what you get inside so yeah if all goes well I will be doing a review. 

I'd love to know what my lovely readers have been buying and loving at the moment, so leave a comment and/or a link with things you have been loving and buying. Also I'd love to know what you favourite products are from theBalm.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Monthly Favourites | May & June

As you may have noticed I never did a May favourites post, so I have joined up the last 2 months favourites so I'm going to crack on and get showing you what I have been loving through-out May and June.

I have been using the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner (review here) this has just helped my skin so much in the last 2 months I am just so please, as you will know if you read my review. Next is the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask I have been using this mask about 1-2 times a week and it just leaves my skin with a lovely healthy glow and feeling really soft. I just can not get enough of this mask. It smells great like orange and tropical and it does the job of removing the build up of dead skins cells so skin is left looking healthy and glowing. A while back I bought the SiennaX Gradual Glowing Self Tan from Feel Unique and O-M-G ladies this is perfect! Actually THE best false tan I have ever tried. It impressed me first time as I applied it in the morning first thing and during the day I was having my hair done and during washing my hair, through-out the day, water was dripping down my arm (whilst the tan was still developing) then once the tan had fully developed about 6hours later there were no streaks and the colour was still there. I mean that is seriously impressive, the tan even smells delicious. A little bit goes a long way with this product too, I only need about 1 and a half pumps to cover one of my legs and my thighs are not the smallest of thighs. Any-who this is an amazing product, and I love it.

Now I'm not really one for wearing eye make-up perhaps a little eyeliner but recently I have been really getting into popping a wash of colour over the lid and the Benefit World Famous Neutrals Palette in Most Glamorous Nudes Ever. My particular shades to go for are Birthday Suit which is a really nice brown with small gold specs through-out it and it looks gorgeous just on it own, and also with 'it's complicated' over the top (as suggested in the Tips pamphlet in the lid). The shadows are really soft and buttery and the glide on easily. Also the shadows ( cream and powder) are really long lasting on the lid so I don't feel the need to apply a primer underneath.

Sleek is one of the best high street cosmetics brands I think, their products continuously have amazing pigmentation and colour selection, also they have some really got product releases one of the being the Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder which I have really been enjoying at the moment. It sets make-up but still leaves you with a dewy finish to the skin with its light reflecting pigments, also it has an SPF 15 so its perfect if you still want to product from the sun and have dewy looking skin. Another product I like it the Sleek lip quad in Siren (review here) mainly I have been using the orange as it is the only reason I got this palette but I really like the idea of the palette and it is especially good for travelling with. 

So that was it for my May & June favourites there wasn't too much, I hope you guys ha a really good past two months. What have your favourites been?