Thursday, 16 May 2013

Haul | Asos, Miss Guided, Cult Beauty ect..

Some of you may know that recently it was my birthday and I got a little bit of money for my birthday so it was a great opportunity to splerg a little, don't you agree? So I thought I would gather up some things I have collected over the last week, as a treat to myself. 

I'll start with ASOS as I only got 2 things from there, I bought this Symbol Beanie £10 and it is really stretchy and comfortable to wear, like my boyfriend some of you may be thinking ''but it's coming into summer, why buy a hat'' my answer is I live in England. Out spring has had at least 5 days really nice hot days and we are now approaching it is still quite that is why I bought a new hat, and I just wanted to buy something hehe.
The other thing I got from ASOS  was just some shorts for the man. 

I placed an order from Missguided and bagged myself a couple of dresses which have turned about be really see-through *sad face* but I will make it work some way or another. But the first dress is a pretty pale salmon, jersey skater dress (12.99) and I thought would be really good for summer (hoping it will be getting hotter) as the material is quite thin, considering this is rather see-through I am thinking it will look nice over a bikini down the beach maybe,  but I will have to invest in some similar colour underwear before I think of wearing this out..this dress is quite simple, girly and flowy and a nice addition to my dull grey wardrobe. 
The other dress I got from +Missguided is this gorgeous coral midi dress (£14.99) this is a really good length for me as it sits just bellow the knees. It isn't tight around the end making it easy to walk in whether it be heels or flats. Both dresses are in size S/M which I believe is UK 10-12. 

 Next up a really cheap order this one as all the things I bought were £5 and under and also I had a 20% discount code for my birthday which they e-mailed to me. 
I have purchased a black high-neck crop top form Boohoo before and really loved how comfortable and lose they were around the neck area so I picked up 2 more. they are the Victoria Roll Neck one in Coral and one in Green. I really love the material of the tops they are soft and stretchy and lose around the neck so it's easy not to feel claustrophobic or 'strangled' which is good as I am not really one for turtle neck type tops at all, but these are really easy to wear. Also these tops are a bargain at just £5 each.
Also from Boohoo I ordered two new pairs of sunglasses, for the sunnier days we are so lucky to receive here in England, the top pair are the Callie Mirrored Wayfarer glasses £4 and I am going to guess are a very cheap dupe for the Rayban Wayfarer. The second pair is  the Alana Black Retro glasses £5 which yes look very very similar but these ones are a little smaller and a littler more stiffer when you open them up. Either way I'm really happy with my clothes purchases.

Just a few random bits now. If you follow me on instagram (link in 'contact me' page) you will have seen that I received a package from Cult Beauty. My skin has been so bad recently leaving me with scars from spots and getting spots and I have been reading so many posts about the Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Mask (£30) so I put it in my basket and have only used it once but I can already tell it is going to be my skins best friend from now on. Also from the cult website I picked up the Anastasia Brow Wiz (£15.50) in the shade Brunette and it is a perfect match, and also now my new favourite eyebrow product.

I popped into Boots and picked up the Clarins Exfoliating Brightening Toner (£25) which I have been reading some good informative reviews on recently. Also in the hope that this and my Ren mask will both help renew my naughty dull skin. I can already tell you I am seeing noticeable differences after 4 uses of the brightening toner, in the chin area my spot scars are already minimised although it still has to work its magic in the areas. 

From Feel Unique I ordered the Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan (£15.95) as I was feeling a little white during the couple of sunny days we had, and this smells beautiful and also after this has developed (8hours after application) I looked a healthy bronze colour which a lovely glow to the skin. I was so so pleased to see that it generally didn't streak at all, as whilst this was developing I was having my hair done at home, so I had to wash my hair a few times and even when there was loads of water running down my arm, there was no streaks. A good buy indeed.

What have you been buying recently?


  1. I really want to try some Ren products.
    Ive read lots of great reviews on that mask! :)


    1. you should, so far so good and I have only used it three times! really worth the investment :) x