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Real Teachniques Brush's Review

Hi everyone I hope you're all well. Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting at all last week, but I was in wales visiting my boyfriends family and friends (as he is welsh) and generally had a week off. I did have all my posts ready and pr-typed but where we were staying (at his friends house) there was a problem with their Wi-Fi so I couldn't post anything or get any internet so I am sorry for that. 
However I am back now and can get on with the post and one I have wanted to do for ages is about the Real Techniques Brush's by  +Sam Chapman (Samantha) from Pixiwoo on YouTube. I suggest checking them out if you haven't already as Samantha and her sister Nicola are absolutely brilliant at what they do.

There are 3 Sets of brush's and there are also a few sold separately, and as you can see in the picture the brush handles are different colours also 3 sets. Orange is for base, Pink for finish and Purple is for eyes but of course you don't have to stick to this. As we go through I will explain how I like to use each brush and what set they are from and of course how much I love them.

L-R; Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Contour Brush, Expert Face Brush, Buffing Brush and the Powder Brush.

How I like to use them;

Detailer Brush - I like to use this brush as a Lip Brush as it is the perfect size. It is really good for smoothing lipstick out making your lips look extra smooth and kissable. 
Pointed Foundation Brush - I like to use this brush for applying cream/liquid highlighter to the top of my cheekbones as I use other brush's for foundation as I will explain soon. This brush blends cream highlighters evenly across the high points of the face which leaves a nice finish. 
Contour Brush - I use this for what it is for, which is contouring the cheeks, temples and jaw line. I like to swirl the point/tip of the brush in product and then work in circular motions, leaving the edges of the brush to blend for me. This brush fits perfectly into my cheek bones and other areas mentioned. 
Expert Face Brush - I use this brush for applying foundation as it is quite dense and the sids are flat and it is quite oval at the top so it fits nicely under the eye and in all those little areas that are a pain to get to. This brush is also nice for cream blushers and blends everything nicely together and leaves a flawless finish.
Buffing Brush - I also like to use this brush for foundation, I like to switch between the EFB (above) and this brush. I feel this brush really buffs the foundation in better than the one before and also leaves an amazing finish. 
Powder Brush - I use this brush for powder, not personally on myself but if I do a friends make-up then I will use this. It is really big so brilliant for large areas but not for precision powdering. This brush (like all the brush's) is amazingly soft so it will not scratch the skin or feel rough and tacky. 

There is a collection called the Core Collection which is available online and in Boots too and costs £21.99 which isn't too bad as they are excellent brush's so it is really worth the money. The collection contains the Contour Brush, Detailer brush, Buffing Brush and Foundation brush. It also comes with a brush case to make traveling easy. 
All other brush's mentioned above, are sold separately which are from £9.9 - £12.99.

L-R; Deluxe Crease Brush, base Shadow Brush, Shading Brush, Brow Brush, Fine Liner Brush, Pixel-Point Liner Brush and Accent Brush.

Deluxe Crease Brush - I like to use this brush sometimes for blending concealer or concealing those pesky spots. I have used this once for blending eyeshadow and it was really nice but I have other brush's that I use and this brush is a little too big for my eyes.
Base Shadow Brush - I use this brush for under eye concealer as it blends really nicely and it is flat on the sides and pointed so it lays the concealer down and the point fits into the inner corner really nicely.
Shading Brush - I also use this brush for concealing blemish's and under eye circles, depending on how I feel that day. This brush is small and quite dense, and also blends really nice.
Brow Brush - I use this brush for concealing around the eyebrows for a more defined look if I am going out. I find the brush again a little too big for my brows and I prefer to use a smaller brush for brows.
Fine Liner Brush - I love using this brush for gel eye liner. The brush just smooths it over the lid and it quite thin so if you like thin eye liner this brush is good for that as well as thick liner also. 
Pixel-Point Liner Brush - Honestly I haven't used this brush yet as I have the eyeliner brush but it came with a collection so I had no choice, however I will find use to this brush in my life.
Accent Brush - Like the Brow Brush this brush is good for concealing around the brows but also around the mouth too as it is dinky and small. It smooths the concealer lovely around the mouth and is small enough to cover any lipstick that may have bled that you may not have been able to get to.

As you can tell I don't use many of these brush's for eye make-up at all but that is only because I have other brush's I use and these are just as good for base make-up as they are for eye-make up as well. The Starter Set contains Base Shadow Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, Accent Brush, Pixel-Point Liner Brush and Brow Brush the collection cost's around £21.99 like the Core Collection. And the other brush's are all sold separately from around  £6.99 - £7.99 which is a good price.

Setting Brush, Stippling Brush and Blush Brush

Setting Brush - I used to use this brush for contouring under the cheekbones before I got the contour brush, it does the job just as good but now I do use it for setting concealer under the eyes with powder.

Stippling Brush - This was my first Real Techniques brush I bought and I used to use it for foundation however I now sometimes use it for applying blusher. I like to stipple and use circular motions when applying cream, liquid or powder blushers. 

Blush Brush - I use this blush for bronzer and blusher but it could also be used to powdering the face. I love this finish the brush leaves on bronzer and blush. 

All these brush's are sold separately from around £8.99 - £11.99 which isn't too bad. 

I love the Real Techniques brush's and I will be re-perchasing them to go in my make-up kit which I am currently building. All of the brush's are really soft and made of 'Ultra-Plush taklon Bristles' which is synthetic. 

Do you like these Brush's? 

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