Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Mac Palettes

I have been trying to grow my Mac eyeshadows for a while when I get the chance but I always get so overwhelmed with all of the different colours I just don't know what ones to buy, so I thought I would share with you which ones I have so far. 

I love looking around to see what kind of colours people have in their palettes so I have an idea on what colours I should get and I know what ones I want next *wink*, and I am lucky enough to have a hairdresser/friend who is also a bridal make-up artist, and she lets me use her pro card. Well I just give her the money when she goes to Mac and she does the rest. Thank you Gemma (my H.D).

Top L-R; Era and Kid  Bottom L-R; Brule and Naked Lunch

I don't really have like a neutrals palette but I suppose you could say this is along those lines, I just think of this as an everyday basic kind of colours that also work with my blue eyes helping pop the shade. I love using Brule and Kid together they are so pretty together and both are quite complementary to my eyes so that is a win. Naked Lunch I know is a favourite of the lovely Tanya Burr and looks pretty gorgeous over the top of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade 65 Pink Gold..I think it does anyway. Era I don't play around with as much as the other colours but if I do use it I tend to just use it alone all over the lid as it does look rather pretty alone. 
I'm a simple gal when it comes to eye shadow I like to play it safe, keep it subtle but you can just catch it there. I don't go wild with colour unless its fancy dress or halloween. When I find shadows that work well together and also look nice with the rest of my make-up then I pretty much stick to that. I guess I should be a little more experimental, but I am always a little apprehensive when using darker colours purely because I always feel like I look like I have 2 black eyes, and with bright colours I just literally cannot make them work for me. Sad times. 

Top L-R; Brun and Typographic  Bottom L-R; Cranberry and Aquadistic 

As you can see with quad is a mix of a couple colours which have hardly been touched. 
Brun I used to use in my crease but I don't know I just wasn't feeling it(?) and I find it a little too dark for my brows (it is a lot darker than it looks here) I am really trying to find a way to make this work so if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. Typographic is a nice really dark grey almost black smoke, colour and looks rather lovely pushed into the upper lash-line with a tiny little flick. Well, thats how I like to wear it anyway. 
Cranberry I saw the Nic from Pixiwoo do a Kristen Stewart tutorial on and it was just beautiful and I wanted, so badly, to re-create it so I asked for this colour for christmas. Although I have never got round to doing the look that Nic done, I still love Cranberry as a subtle shadow liner, where you would place your normal liquid/gel/pencil liner on the lid. It looks so pretty and you cant really notice it but you can notice there is something there, and again it works nicely with my blue eyes and doesn't make the rest of the pink in the eyes stand out. Lastly is Aquadistic which I have only used once which was on halloween I love love love the colour but It just doesn't work at all for me. Shame. However, that doesn't mean I can't find another use for it somehow.

I hope you liked this short post. I'd love to see what is in your Mac palettes, leave a link bellow.


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  1. OOo pretty! I love looking at people's MAC palettes!

    Nakes Lunch is one of my fave shades!

    Kimberley x