Sunday, 7 April 2013

Monthly Favourites | March

Another month gone which means that thankfully I am closer to my week off to wales, on tuesday. In the month of march there wasn't really anything special that I found that stood out to me but I have got a few little bits that, well, I have had for a while and have just constantly been reaching for.

 I have three skin things to share with you and the first thing is the Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream which I received in my February Glossy Box and it is basically a hydrating moisturising cream and recently I have had a few dry patches on my forehead and nose and once I applied this there were no flakes or anything on my skin. Amazing! My skin was soft as well and smelt like raspberry's. It is just an all round good product, and good for all skin types. 
Next is the La Rouche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Milk which I have done a review on here and much like the Dr Renaud product if I have any dry patches on my skin then this completely got rid of them, not for very long but with the Raspberry Soft Cream as well it just helped to reduce the dryness. 
Lastly for skin is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which I really love using in the mornings to awaken my skin. I find it has quite subtle radiance effect and looks beautiful under makeup and just gives my skin a really nice glow. Also the smell is, not fresh, but it is a clean smell (if that makes sense) which is also why I like to use it in the mornings. 

Next up you may have seen this floating around a lot on blogs and YouTube it is the popular BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine in Lychee. It is a perfect nude for spring/summer and the finish is beautiful, and there is no need for a topcoat. I can go up to at least a week and a bit without any chipping so that is great. I think this is overall just a good staple nail polish in the up coming seasons. 

Lastly for my monthly favourites I have really been loving my Mac quad and I just filled it with quite neutral shades, the two I have mostly been loving is Brule all over the lid and then a little bit of kid through the crease. It looks really nice with my blue eyes and I either were them together quite subtle in the day or I build it up a little more if I go to work, or out. 
I just think it is quite a nice eye look and really wearable on an everyday basis. 

So that was all the beauty things I have been loving this month like I said there wasn't many things that really caught my attention or stood out to me. 
What have you been loving in the last month?

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