Monday, 22 April 2013

Get Glowing!

Hi guys, hope your well I have a post for you today on 2 products I love to use to help my skin go from looking so dry and dull to radiant and healthy.

So the first one I have to share is the Mac Strobe Cream I received this for christmas and I was using it everyday for the first 2and half months of 2013, it just gives my fatigued skin a really pretty radiant glow. More recently I have been using it in the evening if I am going to work or going out and I feel it is more suited for night, compared to the other product I have. 
As you can see in the picture the product is white, however once you start to blend it out it shows a slight baby pink tone, and it is very pearlescent. 
I like to apply this all over my face underneath my foundation and on top of my moisturiser and primer. Mac don't actually class this as make-up but as skincare is it has moisturising properties with a luminous finish. When you catch light on the face the strobe cream just shines through so pretty and I think it looks rather nice in photo's too. 

I will be honest and say I think this product does break me out on my forehead only, but it doesn't bother me they aren't major spots they are only small and never really last long, plus I have hair to cover those problems. If I didn't like this product then I wouldn't use it, but the minor spots aren't enough to put me off. 
You could just use this product as a highlighter in certain areas, not all over the face, just on top of the cheekbones, nose and cupids bow. Or you could also mix it in with your foundation. 
I haven't found this product to make me look oily or greasing or over shiny, but I find it highlights in all the right places even when I put it all over my face. Also a little bit goes a long way, but depending on how much luminosity you want depends on how much you apply. 

The last one is the oh go gorgeous Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which I have heard loads about on YouTube and blogs. I use this balm in the mornings as it really helps to awaken my skin and again making it look healthy. 
The balm has a tightening effect on the facial contours to help the skin look like you had a really good night sleep, basically. I really love the fresh smell of this product for the morning as well it just subtle and just really fresh and clean(?) (if that makes sense to you guys) 
I use this in the mornings because it is a little more subtle than the Mac Strobe so really easy for day time wear and really beautiful under foundation.

Again I apply this all over my face after moisturiser and primer and before foundation. This product is pricey (£29) but it is worth it and does last a long time, as just a large pea size amount covers the whole face. As you can see in the picture it is a light peachy colour but blends into nothing, also you can see the glowing effect it leaves. 
If your looking for something to brighten up your skin then I would suggest trying either both, or one or the other and Mac do, do a smaller version so go and check that out on their website (which is linked above) and for the Clarins Beauty Flash you can go onto Cheap Smells and pick that up for £20 so your saving money and it is still a lot but it is really worth it. 

Have you ever tried either? What did you think? Oh and one other thing I would love to know if any of you have any fake tan recommendations? Please, leave a comment below :D


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