Friday, 26 April 2013

Haul | Topshop, Boots & Newlook

Tonight I am off to Portsmouth with my boyfriend and a friend of ours who is DJing somewhere, I don't know where but all I know is I need a new outfit. Right girls? 
So I headed off to town at 9'oclock with morning on the hunt for something fun and kinda casual, and I'm gonna show you what I found.

First stop +Topshop. I feel a little intimidated when I go into my local Topshop as some of the girls really give a look as if to say 'you shouldn't be in here' so I kind of rush myself to find something. But anyway, I saw these two beautiful nail polish's left 'Jewel in the Crown' which is a deep turquoise and right is 'Peaches and Cream' which will look beautiful in summer. On the stand it said that these were 2 for £8 but I was charged £10 but I didn't want to say anything cause the girl was pretty rude anyway and more or less threw my bag at me. Then I left and went back a second time to pick up this gorgeous neon orange vest top (£18) which is casual as nice as a pop of colour + its a change from black and neutral colours.  

I hadn't been to +New Look for a little while but I stopped by today and found this real pretty,also neon, clutch bag. I love the print on the front of this bag not sure what the word for it is, but I really love it. I thought it would look pretty nice with my Topshop top. Its a good size bag to hold and has two pockets inside for extra space too. this was £9.99 which isn't too bad.

Some of you may know how much I love Boots, and I just cant go into town with out looking in Boots. But I am in need to new hair things and my hair to be honest is pretty crap at the moment, and in need of some help. I saw this hair brand in Boots a couple of weeks ago and have not heard anything about them. All three of these products cost £4.19 each which I think is good. I picked up the Naked Strength Renewing Shampoo & Conditioner for weak, brittle and mature hair. Like I said my hair is in need of help and these products are 97% natural and this brand do not use harsh detergents only plant based ingredients. 
It says on the bottle that it doesn't lather up very much but if you wash twice you get a better foam second time around. If there is anything that can help my weak hair at the moment, then hopefully this will do the job. Also I picked up the Little Miracle Leave-In Conditioner which says it can help repair and protect dry hair again heat and breakage, so again this will just help maximise the health of my hair. 

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