Friday, 5 April 2013

My Hair care & Styling 'Routine'

Hi guys so if you saw my last post here I never went too detailed about washing, drying/styling my hair just because it would have been really long and I would rather do a separate post on hair care and skin care.

So you may or may not know that I have got bond/glue-in extensions, as I had to cut it all off after having ''Rihanna'' red hair (as I like to call it) and my 'real' hair is a light brown and the extensions are blonde, and my hairdresser just ran some brown through them to create a more effective ombre I have ombre hair. I'm not sure where the extensions are from or brand or anything as my hairdresser orders them and apply's them. What I can tell you is that they are super-duper soft and I, of course, like to keep them that way and there are a few ways I like to do this.

It only seems right that I start by washing my hair, I don't wash ALL of my hair as I find that washing/wetting where all the glue is that it makes it very knotty and tangled and it's just a bugger to brush, also thats when you get problems with getting them out or you could just rip them out when your brush gets caught with the me it hurst a lot a lot. So at the top of my hair, like the crown of my head, it is kind of like a mullet were there is no extensions added as you an can see in the picture. So I like to shampoo this section of the hair separate to the rest, either in the tub bent over forward or leaning over the bath and I am currently using the Toni&Guy Cleanse for Dry Hair or the one for Normal hair. I sometimes shampoo twice depending on how much product I've put in there mainly twice over the weekend. 

When it comes to shampooing the extensions I like to put them into two 'pig tails' and I use the bobble as my guide so anything above the bobble cannot get wet as all of it is glue. So I lean forward and either dip them into the bath or lean over the bath and wash them that way, which is a little harder for me. But I switch between 2 hair washing products I use the same Toni&Guy products as the top of my hair or if the blonde is looking pretty brassy I will use, once a week, the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes purple shampoo and conditioner and I like to leave the shampoo in for about 2 minutes just so it can really work through all my thick locks and get them all nice and blonde again. It is very important you do not leave any purple shampoo in your hair as it can leave a slight tint of purple through it, or it can look really bleached and go a little white looking.

Moving on also every time I wash my hair (twice a week) I will use the Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment and I have used all this up so shortly I will be moving on to something else, but I smother my 'mullet' in this and wrap that up onto of my head before I move onto shampooing my extensions, an then smother my extensions in the stuff too and wrap this up making sure none of it touches the glue area. Once that has been on for around 10 minutes I wash it all out in the same separate way I shampoo, (I hope this is making sense) already my hair feels nice and soft and smelling good. 

Lastly for washing we have to condition right(?) so I use the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner to match the shampoo of course, and I like to use my tangle teaser,softly, to brush all the conditioner through and detangle at the same time to make after care a load easier. And if I have used the Toni&Guy shampoo I will use the Conditioner to match which is the Nourish one. Once all this is done and conditioner is all washed out I will wrap my hair up in a turbie towel, leaving everything still in separate pony tails so the glue doesn't get overly wet just a tad damp which i find doesn't do any knotting harm at all. 

After care.
I'll start by saying I do not blow dry any of the extensions I leave them dry naturally as they go puffy and frizzy and just plain wild, so they just get towel tried and what I've been loving doing recently Spritzing them with the Lee Stafford Head Protect Spray brushing that through and then running through two pumps of the Lee Stafford Argan Oil (I think I should just mentions I really like Lee Stafford products) and then what I like to do is  twist up the extensions and wrap them around themselves and tying it up in a twisted bun and leaving it like that to dry that way. 

1. After applying the same Lee Stafford products as before I then section off the fringe area off and twirl it up and grip it there.
2. I then section off the back area and grip that up too.
3. Then always starting on the left (no particular reason) I section that off starting from the underneath, to get ready for drying.
4. I make the sections about this big the whole time they are quite thin and it makes drying so much quicker.

As for actually drying my hair I take a Big round brush, which you can get anywhere, and place it as close to the roots as possible to create volume. And I literally carry this on all over even the fringe, so that it falls forward. 

TADA! the end result. I don't always fully dry my hair I like to leave it a little damp just to lets have a little natural drying time.
I do this routine every single time I was my hair as I don't like to have flat hair on myself. Excuse the no make-up situation.

Have a lovely weekend guys :)

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