Friday, 1 February 2013

Nail Polish Collection | BarryM

Top Left- Right; Yellow,Mushroom,Black,Grey,Block Orange,Mint Green,Sring Green,Bright Red,Rasberry
Bottom left-Right; Clear,Watermelon,Pomegranate,Silvery Liliac,A,Magnetic Burgundy,Blue Moon,Cobalt Blue,Cyan Blue,Blueberry,Nail Effect (Crackle),Lilac Foil x2,Berry,Strawberry,Matt White,Nail Effect (Crackle), Nail Effects (Crackle)

Sorry for the bad picture, but here is my BarryM Nail Polish Collection. Now I really like BarryM polish's because not online are they cheap, £2.99 for regular nail paints but for any limited edition of effect varnish's they go anything up to £4.99, but BarryM has an amazing colour range. So many different shades and finishes. I don't have all off the colours, but I day, but I do have 26 nail paints in my bag of nail goodies. 

I started to collect these polish's around summer time of 2013 with a friend of mine, although she has more than I do, but we both have built a loving relationship with the polish brand. Now I have to say that they do chip quite easily, but other than that they are great. The majority of the more pale pastel colour do need at least 2-3 coats of polish as they are quite sheer and need building up, depending on what you like. Another fun thing about BarryM varnish's is that they have been bringing out new effect collections with fantastic colours and really cool effects. The latest effect polish's are the Gelly Hi-Shine which I LOVE! 
Each time I wear a different polish from BarryM I can manage to wear it for over a week, possibly longer, but I like to switch up my nails a lot, and they last with minor chipping around the top and I don't usually apply bass or top coat. I think thats good considering I am a bar tender. They are very long lasting for the affordable price and also they are really great for creating different nail arts especially with all the fantastic colours and nifty effects and finishes. 
Left-Right; Berry,Strawberry,A,Silvery Lilac,Pomegranate,Watermelon,Rasberry,Mint Green,Bright Red and Grey

Above I have chosen just 10 of my favourite out of my mini collection. I chose these are they are my most worn although the 2 in the middle with the silver lids are new, they are really beautiful. I chose the paler colours because they are very pretty in spring/summer time and quite subtle, and the more deeper bold colours are good for winter time or any kind of season really.

I hope you guys liked the little insight into my mini BarryM collection and I may do an update when there are plenty more new one. 
Have a good weekend guys.xx

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