Sunday, 17 February 2013

My First Glossy Box

Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen in my PJ's and the postman arrived with my first Glossy Box. I discovered Glossy Box on Youtube, watching video's of other girls opening theirs and showing what they got and I thought it was really cool, had to get my hands on it. I'm sure you have probably seen loads of videos and blog posts about these but for those of you who may not know what Glossy Box is, it is a monthly subscription service and you pay £10 a month (+P&P) and receive a cute little box filled with 5 sample sized products for you to try and of course if you like them you can purchase the full size product. Pretty cool. 

So this was the February box, really cute packaging and inside I got,

Micabella Mineral Blush Powder in 'MB-5 Terra Cotta' I've never heard of this brand before, it's a really pretty colour not one I would usually pick out for myself it is a little on the orangey brown side, but I'll happily give it whirl. Full size is £34.95 for 9g, thats a little much for a blusher.

MeMeMe 'Beat the Blues' in 'Pearl Pink' I've not tried anything from this brand as there never seems to be anything that stands out to me when I go to the stand in Superdrug, but this is a highlighter (full size £5.50 RRP) and its super pretty its a lot like the Benefit High Beam, so I'll definitely carry on using this.

 HelenE Moisturising Lipstick in 'Dusk' This really caught my eye because of how small it is, aren't things just cuter when they are small. The little things in life 'ey. The actual lipstick is really creamy and lovely, its a pretty warm shade, kind of like a brown purple(?) does that make sense? This product is also full size 3.5g which is £8.

Q 'The Fine Fragrance Body Spray this isn't really my kind of smell as is ''a blend of Rose and Bergamot.'' I would not really use this spray a lot which is disappointing. But it was another full size product which is 100ml £2.29.

Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream Again I've not heard of this brand, (any one would think I've been in hiding all my life!) but it is a face cream, which smells gorgeous, and is aimed for people with normal to dry-prone skin. I've used it already today in the morning and it really does hydrate your skin an leaves it really soft. Will 100% carry on using this product. £25 for 50ml and in the box we got 30ml.

and lastly was this really cute heart shaped GlossyBox Lolly. How sweet, I don't want to eat it, it's not that often you get a heard shaped lolly so the lolly pop is sitting on my desk looking pretty.

If you had a Glossy Box this month I'd love to see what you got, so leave a link to your blog post bellow and I'll go check it out. 



  1. Hi just found your blog! Lovely post, I've never tried the glossy boxes yet - so tempted though, they look like pretty good value for money! Keeping the old boxes could be handy storage too :)

    If you have minute, check out my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy xx

    1. They do a 3 month subscription plan and you pay upfront and get 3 boxes, or a 6 month plan same thing six boxes or just for 12 months so it's good if you just want to try it out and see if you think you'd like to carry on £10 a month :)

      Yeah sure xx