Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What are YOU Wearing?

Today's post is about a website/app, you may or may not have heard about Today I'm Wearing. 
This site is fashion sharing website that allows you to upload images of your daily outfits and you can also check out other peoples outfits too. It was made by the people behind Mail, YOU Magazine and Metro.
 What I find really cool is that you can tag what item you wearing, what kind of item it is i.e a Crop Top and you can also say how much it was and where it was from, plus you can shop that persons look through the tag they have given. Now I have noticed that not all people do tag but if you find that too then just pop a question into that persons comment box and hopefully they will write back. I really love the idea of people being able to show their style like this because its new, and different and I think its good for people who may watch youtube and read blogs but may not want to start their own channel or blog, so they can upload and share their style in this way and you don't really have to show you face if your shy top. Its completely up to you and its nice that you can take inspiration of other girls/boys ( yes boys have started to use it a little ), and also find similar or the same items from your favourite looks via the shop tag.The shop tag is really awesome because it means you don't have to search the web for a while to look for the same or similar clothes, you can just 'Oo yeah i like that' click and you basically there.Amazing, right?
I first heard about this website from watching the Pixiwoo Body Talk episodes on YouTube, I really suggest checking those girls out they are amazing!. It was episode 4 when they spoke to Pandora Sykes who is one of the editors of TIW. I was interested straight away, got myself signed up. I have only uploaded 4 photos to mine but I am always inspired and like to admire other peoples styles and outfits. Its really nice to look and see how other girls may style a similar item you may own and you can take bits of that and make it your own. Also you can follow people and keep up to date with what they are wearing, and have a look what else they have worn that you may have missed them up load. You can let people know you like their outfits by clicking on the love heart button, so it's kind of like leaving them love.

So this was just a quick post to tell you about the Today I'm Wearing website/app. Have you ever used this website? What do you think about the idea? 


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