Friday, 7 June 2013

Palmer's Moisturizing Body Oil

A few weeks ago whilst in Superdrug I picked up this amazing bottle of summer skin goodness. I have quite dry skin all over, mainly on my legs, and I have never really found a body butter or moisturiser that really works at keeping my legs smooth, and also one that doesn't just sit on the skin. Until now. 

For £5.09 you get 250ml of gorgeously scented oil. It smells something along the lines of coco and fresh chocolate cake, sort of, its just a-ma-zing. It does settle in to the skin quickly only if you really work it into the skin, other wise it can feel a little slippery and slimy on the skin, I found. If you're not one for body oils you can use this in the bath by just pouring some in with the tap still running. This oil leaves my skin so silky smooth and I'm quickly going through the bottle. I think the main thing about this products is the smell, it just lingers for quick a while and one you have worked it in to the skin, it is just turns quite subtle so you kind of get whiffs of it as your going about your days. 

I use this everyday.As you have to apply it to damp skin, to save me getting up extra early to have a bath, I like to spritz some water onto my skin and then work the oil in from there. I have to say also, this products makes an excellent base for fake tan, for those of you who do tan. The consistency isn't too thick it is actually quick runny to work quickly to avoid it dribbling everywhere. Like it said this product leave my skin really smooth to the touch but also it does feel completely moisturising. It is just an all round gorgeous product and I highly highly recommend it. Also 250ml for £5 it's not to bad. 

Have you tried this product? Do you have any recommendations? 
Link to the product Palmer's Body Oil


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