Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express | Cat Eye Mascara

Hi guys so I blogged before about a Maybelline mascara here and as I said there Maybelline is my go to high street brand for mascaras. But there is one that I always go back to and re-perchase and its the Colossal Cay Eye mascara with the leopard print lid £7.99 from Superdrug & Boots.

I love this mascara because it adds a good amount of length. As you can see in the picture the wand is curved and you're meant to use it with it the dip way up (if that makes sense?) but I like to use it upside down so the dip facing down. I find the mascara a lot less clumpy and I can apply more layers if I need to. So theres a little tip for you. I find with most mascaras they are too wet when you first use them, and I found that with this product too so I prefer it a few days - a week after I've opened it and it begins to dry out, as less product comes out on the brush and it is a lot less messy.
The packaging is a twisty lid and very story, I haven't found it comes loose after a while which is good as the mascara won't dry up ultra quickly, so it lasts a good length of time. I use this mascara pretty much every days and it can last me months..I can't remember how long I got this one but i'm sure it was ages ago and It's still going good. I don't find it very voluminous but thats fine, however, on a night out when I want more volume but not false lashes (we don't get on, lash's and I) I just cote my outer lashes in a more voluminous mascara like One by One Volume Express or Colossal Volume Smokey Eyes both Maybelline, and I don't find it clumpy looking at all. 

I really do recommend this mascara it just gives gorgeous flirty lashes with added length. It's perfect for day time and you can pile it on for night time too. 

Have you tried this mascara? What is your favourite?

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