Friday, 20 September 2013

Too Faced 'La Creme' Lip Creame 'In The Buff'

Hey everyone, my lips recently have been really dry and horrible recently and I've been coting them in Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream over night, but during the day I needed a moisturising lipstick to maintain my lips hydration. In Boots a couple of weeks back I picked up the Too Faced La Creme Lip Cream £18 in the shade 'In The Buff' which is a brown nude shade, but slightly peachy I would say, which I like because it is perfect for everyday wear. I will start of by saying I disprise the stench of this lipstick it really gets to the back of throat and tastes revolting but after a while the smell does die down, the smell of white lotus flower is really over powering for me.
Having said that, this lipstick does all the things I was looking for. It is a rich moisturisng formula which hydrates my lips for a good 4-5 hours I would say while I am at work I do touch up a tad on my dryer areas for extra hydration. 'In the Buff' lipstick is very creamy and pigmented which I like, of course, it is quite luxurious to wear on the mouth as it smooths some areas and I can feel it hydrating my lips, as when your lips are dry they feel tight, rough and sore, but once I apply this lipstick they just instantly feel released, smooth and more calm. Also the colour of this lipstick lasts just as long as the hydration, which is an added bonus. I was weary of how this shade would look on my skin tone but it actually fits pretty well, it isn't too dark and it isn't too light it just looks surprisingly flattering for me. There are 15 shades to chose from so there is something there for everyone and I really recommend picking one up.

Have you tried this lipstick before?


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