Friday, 1 March 2013

Review | Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Another BB Cream review for you this week and this one I first heard about over on Shaaanxo's beauty channel on YouTube (you can check her out here) and she raved about this so much and watching her use it I just thought I would try it out.

I actually got this BB cream a whole year ago and I have only just actually had to cut open the tube (must get another one) so that says it for it's self it last a long time, and that is because it very thick and excellent coverage you really don't need a lot of product. The other really good thing about this cream is that it has an SPF30 so it exceptionally good for summer or where ever had hot weather, even though this product is thick it does not 'melt' in hot weather like some foundations can do. When applied to the skin it changes quite light on the skin but you'd think that because of the consistency it would be heavy on the skin but it it yeah, light enough to wear the Mac Studio Fix foundation, as you may already know is a full coverage foundation, but as a combination they don't look 'cakey' at all.
This products coverage may be medium but it is the first and only (so far) that I can wear alone with no concealer, it is enough to cover spots, the red area around spots, my under eye circles, they are still noticeable but I feel comfortable enough to not wear concealer.

I really love the packaging of this product it's just pretty in my tub of base products, pink, quite girls, quite mature looking I guess. I like that it comes with a pump dispenser and one pup is only a small amount of product enough to do both cheeks, chin area and nose. The Lioele BB Cream does has a floral smell to it which people may not like but it disappears quickly and then it's gone all day and you can only smell it again on the next use. 
I believe that they the brand only does 1 shade of this BB Cream and I have not seen any shades for a darker skin tone which is a shame as the product is so lovely, but it can't be used by everybody, so that is a big downfall. 
It is said that this product is water proof but I haven't experienced any times that I can remember whereI have noticed this, as like I said I purchased this a year ago and I didn't have a blog then so I never thought to notice these things. 

You can purchase the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream here which is were I got mine. you may have noticed that I haven't put a price for this product and that is because, the price is different on ebay and in different country's it all depends where you buy it from.

Have you ever tried this product?


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  1. Its a shame this doesn't come in more colours as I think it'll be too dark for me!