Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mac Archie's Girls Lipstick 'OH OH OH'

Admittedly I was pretty scared when I received this in the post as it wasn't the colour I originally ordered, I actually ordered 'Girl Next Door' which is a girly, pretty pink shade from the Betty range and I really wanted to try it out, but instead I was sent 'OH OH OH' which is also from the Betty part of the collection.

There was a bit of a hoo har about the packaging about this collection, but in my opinion its pretty cool cartoony and different and stands out and nothing overly tacky. When I opened the lid of the bullet I was like ' its gold lipstick' haha, but when I bravely swatched it I found it was actually a really pretty, pearly sheer pink and looks quite flattering on the lips, and I am now a really big fan of the lipstick I cant get enough of it!

I purchased this online from Debenhams and 'OH OH OH' I haven't seen on their website(?) which is strange, but they had a sale on so instead of pay £15 for the lipstick I only payed around £13.50 not a lot off, but its still less. It is such a pretty colour and smells amazing just like all the other lipsticks, I am still pretty gutted about not getting the colour I asked for but it's sold out everywhere I have looked so what can you do 'ey?

What do you think about the collection?

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