Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bare Minerals 'Well Rested' Concealer

Hey everyone, I tweeted a few weeks ago saying I was going to purchase this product from Beauty Bay (if you don't follow me on twitter all my links are down bellow).

I have really bad puffy, dark, purple circles under my eyes and I'm am on the hunt for an amazing concealer/corrector to help me cover them up (leave a comment if you have any suggestions). This concealer is an ivory toned eye brightener with yellow undertones. I still use this over the top of a small amount of concealer just for abit of extra coverage and to set my concealer too. The powder is very finely milled but a lot of it does all come out when I dispense into the lid, which makes it easy to pick up a load of product onto your brush but I just tap off the excess back into the lid. It gives such a pretty finish under the eye, with good coverage, a more brighter under-eye area so you look more awake and well rested, as the name suggests. I wouldn't say it hides my circles which is also why I use it along side another concealer, but it definitely helps tone them down tons. 'Well Rested' blends really easily into the skin, I use a big fluffy brush to apply and really blend it in for a flawless finish. A little bit goes a really long way with this produuct but as I mentioned it is easy to pick up loads, if you do use too much first time ,as I did, I just can't explain how I looked, it caked up loads and i just looked very, very high lighted in that area it all stood out. However, if you stick to a minimal amount you can build it lightly and make sure to blend very well, all will be fine.  The pwder is very lightweight and has a soft, feathery texture.
I personally really love this product and I use it every day for a quick wake up fix, and I use it especially more at night time. I would recommend picking this up or putting it on your Christmas list, as it's that time of year.


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